About Us

Design for Ability, Inc. serves as a universally designed apprenticeship for special populations youth that advocates environmental stewardship through green jobs training and vocational education.


We offer companies the opportunity to expand their use of reclaimed materials and incorporation of hand crafted items, by choosing our services that couple educational opportunities with individual company needs. This unique program emphasizes placed based learning through project participation while maintaining focus on sensible solutions.  High school students of special needs population will experience a hands-on approach during the design and build of each designated project, while creating a larger pattern of solutions for the complex environmental challenges they face.


Design for Ability, Inc. focuses on the needs of green emerging industries within the construction, agriculture and artisan sectors.  Each area of focus, gives this program the diversity and variety needed to challenge the youth of today, while catering to the different needs of local companies.  During the nine month calendar school year, students will be on site between 8:00-10:30am Monday through Friday, as well as an additional group of students every Thursday between 10:00am-12:00pm.  The out of school summer session, raise opportunity for service learning/community service experience for participating students, as well as camp/workshop programs.

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